Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Scholarships

 The Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning is offering a two-year vocational scholarship to individuals who wish to pursue “service-oriented” careers. 
The applicants should be those who have a strong desire to attend a two-year vocational school or certificate program, such as Diesel or Auto Mechanics, Wind Turbine Technology, Agricultural Technology, Heating & Air Conditioning Technology, two-year or four-year nursing schools, or health-related career pathways including EMT, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc. Scholarships are also available for teaching certification programs. 

Individual scholarships awards can be for graduating seniors, applicants who have previously received the scholarship, or previous graduates beginning qualified studies. The scholarship can be up to $2,500 a year with an opportunity for an additional award for the second year of studies. The second-year funds will be available if the student is maintaining a high academic standing at their school of choice. 

Applicants should be motivated and sure of their career path. Courses chosen in the career pathway, outside activities, work experience, and volunteer activities will be considered when awarding the scholarships. See side panel for application. Email completed form to: