Club History

District Governor Bill Thorsby presenting  the Club Charter to president John Ratliff
Brief history of Fredericksburg Moring Rotary Club…….now known as: Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning
The year was 1997 when a group of Rotarians who attended the  Fredericksburg Rotary Club, (or “Noon Club” as some of us call it now) wanted to start a “Breakfast Club”.  The reason was that these working professionals found it hard to break away from their daily duties at noon to attend the Rotary meeting.
These were dedicated Rotarians and wanted to keep Rotary alive in their lives. They decided that they would charter a new Rotary Club in Fredericksburg and meet at 6:45 for breakfast, fellowship, and Rotary.
The Noon Club members who help recruit other members and charter a new club, were; Dr. Jim Partin, Dr. David Hardison, Sharon Massey, John Ratliff, and John Dooley…among others.  An interesting note here is that John Dooley also helped charter the original “Fredericksburg Rotary Club”, many years before.  So John Dooley helped charter 2 Rotary Clubs in Fredericksburg.
The Morning Rotary Club Of Fredericksburg was finally chartered in 1997 with John Ratliff as it’s first president .  Other charter members were Marc Bennett, Rex White, Danny Richardson, Bill Tilley, and Mike Drew. The first meetings of the new club were held in the back room of Andy’s Diner.