The Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning is dreaming big again!  Over the last few years, we have helped improve the youth play areas at Old Fair Park.  When a group of us discussed what else was needed and wanted in our community, we decided that it was a Splash Park.  

Building a Splash park for our kids is not a new idea.  We discussed adding one in front of the basketball pavilion.  That plan didn't work out.  So after the Playground was completed at Old Fair Park, the club got together with the Parks and Recreation department and other city staff.  We discussed the best locations for a Splash Park and everyone agreed that the Town Pool area was the logical place to make it happen.  We contacted Kraftsman Playground (they were the contractors that built the playground at Old Fair Park) and they came up with some excellent concepts.  Our initial plan was to build a small splash pad behind Town Pool using the green space by Schubert Street.  We all loved the concept, but it was so awesome that the Parks department was worried it would dominate the usage by the kids of our town in lie of using the pool.  Andrea Schmidt, director of Parks and Recreation asked up to consider completely retrofitting the pool area into a much larger Splash Park, and eliminating the pool.
We went back to Kraftsman and had a second option for our Splash Park designed.  
Below are the images of both concepts.
The first 3 images are of the smaller "Concept 1" that would be built behind the existing pool. 
Splash Pad concept 1
These following images are of "Concept 2" which would replace Town Pool with a larger Splash Park, including a toddler area 
We will begin fundraising as soon as we get the go ahead from the city on which concept they want us to build.